Agency Services

Sale & Purchase

PT Sillo Maritime is able to source vessels for sale / purchase and conduct negotiations on behalf of either buyer or seller. Change of Flag / Registration , importation / exportation of the vessel in/out of Indonesia , Taxes , legal obligations can also managed on behalf of client

Immigration Matters

Certain immigration requirements must be met for person wishing to visit Indonesia either for business or pleasure. PT Sillo is able to inform our clients of the requirements set out by the Indonesian government for visiting the country and facilitates all paperwork so that immigration requirements are met.

Crew Handling

Any client crew / personnel arriving or departing Indonesia will be safely guided to and from their intended points of entry / departure as per immigration requirements and at the request of client.

Any crew / personnel that require medical treatment (emergency or general) PT Sillo is able to arrange on an as needed basis.


Invoices are received from principal(s) and then transferred to PT Sillo Maritime letterhead with applicable taxes added for submission to client. PT Sillo then tracks the invoices with the client and then follows up with client accounts department for timely payment for services rendered and informs principal of progress.

Contract Negotiations

PT Sillo is able to negotiate the contract on the instruction of principal. Whilst PT Sillo is deemed the “Disponent Owner” and is the “Contract Holder” we are not able to act without the authority of vessel “Owners” and / or “Managers”

Bunker Arrangements

In certain instances vessels arriving in Indonesia require bunkers to continue their journey, PT Sillo is able to liaise with local Pertamina certified and qualified bunker providers on behalf of the vessel and vessel owners.

The cost of fuel is in United States Dollars (USD$) at international bunker rates. Bunkers must be paid in advance in cash or by bank transfer. PT Sillo charges a nominal fee for organising bunkers to be discussed at time of request.

Customs Clearance

PT Sillo is able to provide current information as to the requirements that must be met for importation / exportation of vessels and equipment into Indonesia. PT Sillo is also able to facilitate import and export of required goods.